Yesstyle Haul #1

For a few months now (and after hearing about the infamous 10-step regime) I have wanted to try out Korean skincare. So after researching about where I can buy Korean skincare and what types of products I wanted/needed, I bought my first Korean skincare haul!

I should start by telling you more about my skin. I have extremely dry skin on my forehead and under my eyes and slight sensitivity on my cheeks. I have tried and tested products to help with the dryness but nothing worked as I wanted it to, so here I am rubbing snail slime all over my skin.

Yes you read that right~^^~


From left to right- snail repairing toner (Secret Key), snail repairing essence (Secret Key), Clean it Zero cleanser (Banila Co.), black sugar honey mask & scrub (Skinfood), Moistfull collagen moisturiser (Etude House),  Eye gloss #01 white star (Nakeup Face)

Let’s jump in.


Secret Keys snail repairing toner is one of my favourite products out of all the products that I purchased. After cleansing my face, the toner rehydrates my skin and leaves it looking fresh and ready for the next product. Now, I know you’re wondering. Snail? Really? Yes, really. Inside snail secretion, there is a property called Mucin, and inside Mucin is a property called chondroitin sulfate which keeps the skin hydrated and overtime helps your skin to form a barrier against any harm that may come to it from weather and the environment etc. The company also claim that the toner has rhEGF in it which is a firming property and keeps the skin looking young. I adore the way this toner makes my skin look and feel, it leaves a healthy sheen on the surface of the skin and soaks in moderately fast ready for the next product. This bottle is 150ml and retails at £10.97


Another product from Secret Key is their snail repairing essence. Before I got into Korean skincare, I hadn’t even heard of this type of product before but after using it, I don’t think I could go back to a normal cleanse, tone and moisturise (3 step) routine. An essence is essentially  (sorry, bad pun>.>) another layer of hydration for the skin, it is more lightweight and not as concentrated as a serum meaning that an essence is applied before a serum is applied. Having such dry skin, any products that can hydrate and moisturise my skin but doesn’t irritate my sensitivity are always a winner and would definitely recommend people with dry skin working an essence into their daily skincare routines. This bottle is 60ml and retails at £17.77


Look at her… Isn’t she beautiful? This is Banila Co’s Clean It Zero cleansing balm, a cleanse, or double cleanse, are usually the first steps in a Korean skincare routine. The product is a wax that turns into an oil when warmed up between the fingers, once in it’s oil form the product can be worked into the skin (dry) and will remove any dirt and sebum left on the surface of the skin, including the toughest of eye makeup. You can then wash your face off and you’ll have a perfectly cleansed and fresh feeling face underneath ready for the rest of your skincare. This is without doubt my favourite product that I bought and will be repurchasing, it removes all makeup flawlessly and doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry or tight. It can be used in the morning too, even without any makeup on as it really gets into your pores and cleans them. This product is 100ml and and retails at £20.32

Next up is Skinfood’s black sugar honey mask. Apply this product as you would with a usual mask as it is or mixed with toner so it isn’t as harsh and then massage into the skin to slough off any dead skin that you may have. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off. You’ll find that your skin underneath feels amazingly soft! The product has a scent of brown sugar and two of the main products in this mask are acacia honey and manuka honey which are good for hydrating and revitalising dry and dull skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this product as it works effectively but I also love the smell. So.  This product is 100g and retails at £13.11


Etude House is one of South Korea’s most well known and well loved brands. They sell both makeup and skincare and almost all of their products are hits. The Moistfull Collagen Cream has done wonders for my skin. Applied twice a day, this moisturiser makes my skin look dewy yet doesn’t feel sticky or wet. It doesn’t sink in properly, however, and this may be a problem for some people but I prefer thicker moisturisers so that it’s always sat on my skin and making me feel moisturised. A thicker cream like this is a great product to use during the winter time as it forms a barrier over the skin and gives you a healthy glow and it also sits nicely under makeup. This product is 75ml and retails at £27.12


This product was an impulse buy. I saw how it looked on the model in the picture and knew that I had to try it. This product is an eyegloss from Nakeup Face in shade #01 White Star and it is beautiful. Applied on it’s own, over eyeshadow or as aegyo sal, it completes a look by adding just the right amount of sparkle. I’ll be returning to this brand to try out the other colours/products that they sell. This product is 6.5ml and retails at £11.68

Well, that was my first Korean skincare haul! After trying all of these products and loving them, and finally seeing the results that I want, I can’t wait to try more products and review them. All of these products were bought from

Bye for now! ( ^ω^ )


15 thoughts on “Yesstyle Haul #1

  1. gellylayne says:

    I also have dry/ sensitive skin , so I understand how hard it is to find products that help and don’t irritate the skin. That is the best part about Korean cosmetics they are so gentle and hydrating.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. champagneandsheetmasks says:

    Korean skincare totally changed the game for me a few years ago. Love seeing more people get into it! When you’re done with the Banila Co, I would urge you to try the Hemish All Clean Balm. Add a mist and some great sleeping packs, and you’re good to go. You’re on road shop brands for now and they’re a great way to ease yourself into the routine and see what works for you. Have fun playing!


    • Lauren Howorth says:

      It’s super changed my life too! However I’m having crazy skin problems right now so I haven’t touched my skin products for a while. I definitely will note those down!! Thank you!


      • champagneandsheetmasks says:

        If it’s the first time you’re using a layering technique, it’s good that you’ve stopped. Some of the ingredients in the products you’re using could be causing CCs and irritation. If you can, apply aloe vera gel and treat yourself to a facial. I hope you recover soon but bet you still look fab x

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lauren Howorth says:

    My skin looked beautiful when I was using my products but because it’s paired with stress it’s just having the worst time ever. Have you tried the Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel? I’ve heard good things about it. The only problem is, because it’s coming from across the world it takes a while to get here and I don’t have any products to use in the meantime😫 x


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