The routine

As I’m new to the whole Korean skin care game, I’m not really qualified to tell you and inform you about what the 10-step Korean skin care routine is and how it can benefit you, but who is qualified, right? However, I’ve done a substantial amount of research on it and I feel like I can pass some knowledge of what I found out, to you. So here goes…

The 10-step Korean skin care routine 

Before I start, I’d like to remind you all that you do not have to follow every single step in this routine. Some people only do 3 or 4 steps in their routine, whereas some people do a ginormous 15-20 step routine. It is what works for you, your lifestyle and of course your skin.


The first step in any Korean skincare routine is to cleanse the face of makeup and sebum. It is optional, but some people like to do a double cleanse to really make sure that there’s nothing left over and hiding in those pesky pores. Usually an oil based cleanser will be used first to break apart any makeup and loosen any sebum on the face, and then a foam cleanser will be used to rid the face of the residual makeup. Rinse the face between both cleansers and then pat dry to reveal a squeaky clean face underneath. Take note of pat, it will become very important later on. 


This step is optional as exfoliation can irritate people that have sensitive skin or just don’t want to use abrasive products on their skin. However, there are different strengths of exfoliators and you can even mix them with water or toner to stop it being as harsh on the skin and you can buy masks that incorporate exfoliators into them. Take a small amount of the exfoliator and work it into wet skin for 2-3 minutes before rinsing your face and drying it. Your skin should now be smooth and ready for the next step.


The next step is very important. Toners help to balance skin tone out and the pH level of your skin out. It is preparing your skin for the next steps of the routine so that you have maximum absorption. Either saturate a cotton pad and gentle swipe up and outwards or sprinkle into your hands and gently pat and push into the skin. No rubbing. Patting and pressing your products into your skin is just nicer on your skin. When you rub, you stretch the skin and this in turn breaks down collagen and elastin (which keep the skin firm and young looking) and it also helps to keep the product on your face instead of rubbing it straight off once applied.


This is my favourite part of the routine because I have super dry skin. The essence is a much less concentrated and thinner version of a serum. It’s another layer of hydration for the skin. Put a few pumps onto your hands and pat it onto the skin. The more hydration the better!

Serums & ampoules. 

These are magic. A serum is a highly concentrated product that focuses on certain areas or issues. These are the treatment products, if you will. You will find many many different types of serums all made to target different areas of problematic skin, whether it be dryness, redness, acne or brightening etc. Again, put a full pump of serum onto your hands and gently press into the skin and into the problematic areas. We’re only a few steps from finishing now.

Sheet masks

Sheet masks are saturated with essences to really hydrate and re-nourish the face. The sheet ensures maximum absorption. There are hundreds of different types of sheet masks all designed to target certain areas like brightening, pore control, sebum control etc. Place the mask on the face and relax for 15-20 minutes to let the mask do it’s work. Once time is up, take the mask off and gently massage the essence left over on your face into the skin. This step should be done once or twice a week. Tip- inside the packet that the mask came out of will be a collection of essence at the bottom, pour it out and utilise it either on your face or on your body~^^~! 

Eye cream

Eye creams are designed, obviously, to go around and on the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and must be looked after correctly to ensure that you’re not pulling and stretching the skin. Take a small amount of product on your ring finger and gently tap around the eye and over the eyelid. They are designed to be moisturising and gentle.


Finding the perfect moisturiser that works for your skin is possibly the most important part in all of this. To get beautiful, healthy, glowing skin but to keep it moisturised is the key. They also help to protect the skin against whatever the environment has to throw at you. The moisturiser will lock in all of the previous steps of your skin care routine so that they can sink in and give you the healthy skin that you desire.

Sun protection

Every morning, the last step to your skincare routine should be applying sun protection all over your face and any other parts of your body that may be exposed to the sun. Not using sun cream leads to premature skin aging and can also lead to diseases if the skin isn’t protected from the daylight. Tip- use a water based sun cream so that you can reapply over the top of makeup throughout the day and doesn’t effect the makeup. 

I still haven’t perfected my own skincare routine but I’m very close to having beautiful, healthy skin. I hope this post managed to help you learn and organise your skincare routine.

Bye for now!~^^~




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