Top 5 K-Pop M/V’s (male)

K-Pop is what introduced me to the magical world of all things Korean, one of my close friends showed me some male groups and I was totally hooked. After months of being enamoured with the Korean culture, I have pondered about creating a blog or a blog page dedicated to the wonderful creation that is K-Pop. So here they are… My top 5 favourite male group music videos.


At number 5 we have Seventeen’s Mansae. A group that’s well loved for their enormous amount of members, Seventeen are definitely on the up rise. They are a very jolly and bouncy group with feel good music and great as an addition to your summer playlist.


Everyone has heard of these guys at some point. They are one of the most well known and highest grossing groups since debut in 2006. They’re known for their crazy outfits and catchy songs and steal the hearts of girls across the entire world. With leader G-Dragon at the heart of it all, they’ll be sure to steal your heart too.


Exo are the first group that I fell in love with. Another large group with 9 members, they are also one of the most popular groups today. EXO’s lotto is an extremely catchy song and after months after the release, I’m still not bored of hearing it and would be another great addition to your summer playlist.


Monsta X. Arguably one of my favourite groups. The members all have electric personalities (except for leader Shownu, who’s very leader like) and all of the songs released by this group are so good. Having been able to watch this group grow and change the direction that their music goes in has been a great experience for me. They also take part in a lot of reality shows so that the fans can get to know them more.


Another group with electric personalities in it is my favourite group, GOT7, which has my ultimate bias in and who happens to be the leader. Every person that I have shown this group to has taken a liking to one, if not all the members and everyone agrees that the songs they release (which are written and produced by themselves) are really good.

One of the main reasons I wanted to have a K-Pop section on my blog is because some people are afraid that if they speak about their music tastes or interest in the Korean culture then they will get bullied or looked down upon for it and I want to prove to those people that they can speak about whatever they want. You have the right to like whatever you want. Don’t let somebody dictate to you what you can and can’t listen to or like and instead, be proud for liking something that’s out of the ordinary! If everyone liked the same things, we’d live in a very boring world. So I hope my list showed you that you can have different tastes or if you’re new to the K-Pop scene, I hope you love these music videos as much as I do!

Be yourself.

Bye for now!~^^~


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