Top 5 K-Pop M/V’s (female)

Yesterday I began my K-Pop section on my blog and it was taken really well. I know there’s a lot of people out there who love K-Pop just as much as I do and there’s nothing more I like to do than to share my knowledge, experiences and interests with people!~^^~ So here they are, my top 5 K-Pop M/V’s female addition.


With 5 beautiful members all with unique voices, EXID have to be in my top 5. This song will definitely get caught in your head even after listening to it once. The beat is very catchy  and the dance is super easy to recognise. It’s very popular with the boy groups.


T-ARA are definitely a group that go under the radar but deserve more love. Another song with a catchy beat that’s hard to forget and chorus that’s easy to sing along to, this would definitely be a great addition to your summer playlist.


Twice are a group that have recently taken the K-Pop world by storm. With their 9 members, they produce cute songs with cute outfits and cute dance moves. The male groups usually tend to copy a lot of Twice’s dances.


Mamamoo are a group filled with ladies who are very strong and independent. Even though there’s only 4 of them, their voices fill rooms. They have a very sexy concept with suits and sleek black dresses and they tend to harmonise and their songs have ballad feels to them. This group has one of my all time favourite female idols in, she strays from the usual Korean girl body type and I think that’s very commendable.


Blackpink are relatively new, releasing their first song and debuting in 2016 but have already topped charts with all the songs that they’ve released. The outfits and concept for this group are very luxurious with beautiful sets and exquisite hair and makeup, I couldn’t not put them at number 1.

I hope you enjoyed my countdown of my top 5 favourite female K-Pop M/V’s!

Bye for now!~^^~



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