My New Schedule (when I’ll be posting)

Fitting a good blog in around doing homework and assignment’s is quite a hassle and since I’ve been trying to get a blog post up every night, I feel like I haven’t been creating the most highest quality blog posts, so I’ve decided to make myself a schedule so I know what I’m doing and when.

Sunday will be blogs posted under my beauty tag. This could be anything from reviews, hauls, skincare, favourites etc. (I have a new yesstyle order that’s on the way which should be here in the next couple of weeks and then I can do some more reviews on that, an in depth skincare routine etc)

Wednesday will be blogs posted under the lifestyle or K-Pop tag. I have an entire list of blog posts that I want to do and I hope that you really enjoy them because I’m super excited to get them posted.

I want my blog to be as natural as possible and I want the posts I make to be interesting but factual and informational, I also want you guys to enjoy reading them. Please stand by me whilst I build my blog!

See you on Sunday! Bye for now~^^~


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