Top 5 Solo K-Pop Artists

Thank you for being patient with me, I’ve been super ill these past couple of weeks but I finally feel better enough to get back to blogging.

Hey guys! I’m back with another K-Pop blog post. My two other K-Pop posts did really well so I thought I’d carry on with the theme of Korean music. After all, who doesn’t love Korean music? So here they are, my top 5 solo K-Pop artists.


Amber Liu (also a member from female idol group F(X))is one of the most well known female idols as she stands up for women’s rights and teaches us that even if there are stereotypes, we can break away from them. In more or less every interview, Amber gets asked about the way she looks or her sexuality just because of her appearance and she always handles it expertly. I felt like she deserved a place on this list not only because the music she creates is amazing, but because she’s also a role model for girls and boys all over the world.


Hyolyn is another one of the most influential artists in the Korean music culture. Hyolyn is known for her tanned skin and long legs, which is rare in Korea as the girls are usually petite and prefer to lighten their skin to fit into the ‘beauty standards’ that Korea has, but Hyolyn embraces her skin colour showing girls that even if you don’t fit within the beauty standards, you’re still beautiful. Oh and her music is amazing too!


It wouldn’t be a real K-Pop list without this goddess appearing on it somewhere. CL. Arguably the most influential female in the Korean music word. She’s beautiful, sexy, and whats more, she doesn’t care about what anybody thinks. All of her music that she has released show that she’s living her life exactly the way she wants to live it, touring all over the world and releasing music that goes stratospheric.


These last two artists were really difficult for me to rank because in my eyes they both come in at number 1 as they’re both one of my favourites, however someone has to come in at number 2, lol. At number 2 we have the controversial idol Zico. He changes his personality around between sexy and rude when he’s solo to cute and colourful when he’s the leader of Block B. He has released a number of hits, all with a different feel and concept behind the music. He can sometimes push the boundaries with his lyrics though, so for those who are easily offended he’s possibly not the idol for you.


One of my most beloved idols is Jay Park. He’s known for releasing full English songs and being heavily tattooed. He’s also quite controversial, with girls wearing revealing clothes dancing around him and with the lyrics in his songs having… Questionable meanings. His music is very westernised meaning the beat and melody are very similar to songs that would be released in Europe or the States. Everyone likes a bad boy though, right?

Well there you have it, my top 5 solo K-Pop artists. There are so many other artists that I could have included, like Taemin and Dean, but I’ll save those for another time. Do you like any of these artists? What are you favourite songs? Leave them in the comment section!

Bye for now!~^^~


One thought on “Top 5 Solo K-Pop Artists

  1. xiumeh says:

    I just saw Amber and was like “yup, this is what I came here for” (;
    Not surprised Jay Park is numer one, he’s so talented. “All I wanna do” is probably my favourite.
    Love your blog!


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