Yesstyle Haul #2

After weeks and weeks of having issues, I’m finally back with my K-Beauty blog posts. Again, thanks for being super patient with me. I promise to get back on track with my posts and post the best content that I’ve posted in a while. 

A couple of weeks back, I received my 2nd Yesstyle haul. Now, I may or may not have gone over board with the amount of products that I bought as I got really excited and couldn’t help myself. ANYWAY. Let’s jump in and see what I bought. P.S I waited so long because I wanted to be able to give a brief description of the products and what my initial thought of them was. IMG_5294

Here’s my box full of goodies, it was entirely full to the brim. I was so excited to finally get it as some of the products I had ordered had taken a while to be delivered to the warehouse ready for shipping. It took me just over a month to receive it.


This is one of my favourite products that I’d bought as I’d heard so much hype about it. This is a blackhead/dead skin removing product. It is a grey, gloopy paste that is to be smeared lightly either all over the face or just over the t-zone. I don’t suffer too bad from blackheads, but I do have extremely dry and flaky skin and this product removed it beautifully leaving silky smooth skin underneath. I had hoped that I would see a lot of sebum, dead skin and black/white heads however once removed, I didn’t see much on the peel-off but definitely felt the results.


Ever since starting to get into a Korean skincare routine, I really wanted to incorporate a serum into it because any products that will revitalise, restore hydration and smooth the skin are a winner for me. This serum from It’s Skin really does the trick beautifully, it smooths onto the skin nicely, sinks in relatively quick, has a light florally fragrance to it and leaves the skin looking hydrated and healthy. It has a real luxurious feel to it.


I have heard many horror stories about buying BB creams online, and especially Korean BB creams or Asian BB creams as they tend to be quite light. I took a punt with this one and decided to just try it, and let me tell you. It is, amazing. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Etude House BB cushions, and as this is my first time purchasing and using a BB cushion, I wanted to go with something that a lot of people rate. This however is not a cushion but a balm that has essence incorporated in it, you swipe the puff in it and pat it onto the skin. I’ve found it covers pimples nicely, covers redness nicely, and gives a beautiful shine to the skin. I set it just under the eyes though as foundations tend to set into the creases under my eyes. IMG_5314

As we all know, I’m a fan of snail secretion products. They help my skin restore itself. And I needed a more lightweight moisturiser because my beloved Etude House collagen moisturiser is too thick for me now that we’re coming into the summer months here in the UK. This moisturiser from Mizon is the perfect addition to any skincare routine because it finishes it off beautifully and doesn’t leave too much of a sticky residue. On days where I feel like I need a bit more hydration, I throw this in my bag and apply little bits of it here and there throughout the day and it does the job wonderfully.


Up until my latest Yesstyle haul, I was using the Banila Co’s Clean It Zero cleansing balm twice to do a double cleanse and had seen plenty of people using an oil based cleanser and then a foam cleanser. I use this as my second step in my routine, lather it up and gently massage onto my face before using my Foreo Luna Mini (post coming soon) to really work it into the pores and remove any left over rubbish on my face that may be there after the oil cleansing. Some cleansing products leave my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable however this doesn’t, it leaves my skin feeling cleansed but moisturised.


Knowing how much I love their other collagen products, I really wanted to see how the eye cream would work. It has a really luxurious feel to it and it lasts for a while because you need the tiniest bit, tap it gently into the under eye area, eye lid and orbital bone. It soaks in extremely fast and has a cooling sensation to it.


I love this little product. I wanted to create aegyo sal but didn’t want to use a liquid highlighter because it can be quite over powering. So I decided on this rose gold coloured gel liner that adds just the perfect amount of highlight below the eye to draw attention to it but not so much so that it’s too powerful.

I wanted to try a sleeping mask as I’d never tried one before and this one is beautiful. It has a light scent of coconut, sinks in really well and most of all, doesn’t leave a sticky residue. I put this on as the last step in my night time routine, and when I woke up the morning after, my pimples had reduced, the redness on my cheeks had reduced, and my skin felt silky smooth. This is definitely a product that I would recommend to everyone.

I’m not gonna deny it, this was an impulse buy. I saw these whilst just scrolling through the homepage and thought I’d give them a try as I’m a huge lover of big and dramatic eyelashes. These are genuinely beautiful, they can be used as the statement of your look or to compliment a bold eye look.


What can I say about these? I don’t know where to start. I bought 10 of these hyaluronic acid masks. They are insanely good. I try to leave these on for as long as I can as they help to soothe any redness on my cheeks and they just feel nice. They have a whole range of these masks, all targetting different areas or issues. I use these once a week and they give my skin the drink that they need.


To go with the beauty balm, I bought this primer because it was equally as hyped and I must say, this is the type of product that is versatile. I’ve used it many a time on it’s own as it has a lightening component to it, it smoothes pores and it gives your skin a beautiful healthy glow. It also compliments the balm beautifully, it goes over the top and gives you perfect, photoshopped looking skin. This is another product that I would recommend if you’re looking for a new primer to try.


The last product that I bought was this peel off lip tint from Berrisom. It was another impulse buy as it was on offer and I’d seen a lot of people do reviews on them so I thought I’d join in, buy one and try it out for you all. It surprised me and I think I’ll definitely be going back to buy more of the colours that they have.

Reviews of all of these products will be coming in the next few weeks so keep your eye out for those! I had so much fun writing this post yaaaay.

Bye for now!~^^~


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