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On the first of April 2017, I was introduced to an independent business called Scentsy. It began as a small family investment which quickly grew into a huge international phenomenon. Scentsy sell a wide range of products, varying from waxes and wax warmers to a children and babies range, including teddies, shampoos and body washes. IMG_5832

Scentsy is sold either directly from the website where you can purchase all of Scentsy’s products, or through consultants that live in your area. I’m lucky enough to have a consultant in my area who can advise me on which scents to try, which scents I might like, and order my products for me. They also organise parties where you can go and test out products and see what they have to offer. To find a consultant in your area, check out this link http://www.getcandlescents.com/2015/09/how-do-i-find-a-scentsy-rep/.

The scents. 

In my house, we have thousands (that’s no lie) of Scentsy bars. They come in a pack of 8, you snap a block off, pop it in your warmer and once it’s melted, your room will smell amazing. The blocks are at their best for the first 2 days of being melted, and then after that they start to lose their scent. Once this happens, remove the old wax and pop a new one in, simple! 

Scentsy have several different collections. They have the ‘classics’ collection, which have all of the classic scents in that everyone loves and buys again and again, the ‘new releases’ collection where you can try something new that’s just been released, the ‘spring/summer’ collection with all the light, florally scents in, the ‘corner cafe’ collection which has baking/fruity scents in it, the ‘romance’ collection which has musky scents in it, the ‘scentsy men’ collection which includes smells like aftershaves etc, and ‘scentsy kids’ which has fruity and playful smells in it.

Here are a couple of my favourite seasonal scents. I use different scents depending on the time of year.

Pink Tulips is my favourite scent for spring time. It’s a light scent, with notes of raspberry and jasmine in it. I also love the colour of this wax, but that’s beside the point.

For those of you who love the scent of suncream, this is the scent for you. Summer Sunshine is my favourite scent that I will be using during the summer months because I am a huge fan of suncream scents, and suncream is a must during summer.

Whipped Vanilla Pear is arguably my favourite scent. In my mind, it’s an autumnal scent because it smells like pumpkin lattes. This is a very strong scent that fills the room even when using half a block, and I have almost gone through an entire pack of this scent.

Everybody needs the smell of cinnamon drifting through their house during winter time. This cozy scent is called Christmas Cottage and makes you feel like sitting in front of a log fire with a hot chocolate whilst watching Christmas movies.

Some Scentsy waxes have purposes. For example, Just Breathe doesn’t only smell beautiful and fresh, but has eucalyptus and notes of mint and lavender in it meaning that if you have a stuffy nose, this is the perfect scent to warm.

Honourable Mentions.

My favourite kind of scents are clean, laundry scents. I have several different variations but my 3 favourites are…

This is Pima Cotton, although it may seem light, this scent is very strong. It smells like fresh linen, with notes of freesia and jasmine in it.

Another one of my favourites, Clothesline is another that is frequently warmed in our house. Just one block can fill an entire floor of your house. It smells like washing detergent and lasts for a couple of days once first burnt.

My second all time favourite is Luna. I find it very difficult to describe how Luna smells, so I’ll take what Scentsy say about it on their website. They state it smells of white florals, with notes of Jasmine, sweet pea and freesia.

Our Warmers. 

In our house, we have 4 Scentsy warmers. Two in our living room, and 1 in each bedroom. As our downstairs is open plan, we bought the Desert Earth warmer. Our living room is very contemporary with dark furniture and red walls. The warmer fits in perfectly. We have two of these, one at one side and one at the other side. We burn the same scent at the same time so that it really fills the room.

In my room, I have the Etched Core warmer which is similar to Desert Earth.

The detailing on this warmer is beautiful, and at night when I’m watching something, it’s just the right amount of warmth and light. I should also mention that even though these warmers get quite hot, the dishes on top don’t. So even when the warmer is switched on, the lid is safe to remove without burning yourself.

The last warmer we have is the Love warmer. It’s cute and plump instead of tall like the other two and fits in well with my mums room

There really is a warmer for everyone, however your rooms are decorated. There are sophisticated ones, fun ones, modern ones. All of which I want to buy but again that’s beside the point. (I don’t have enough rooms for that lol)

The conclusion. 

Once you’ve tried Scentsy, you won’t go back to whatever you were using before. I used to be an avid Yankee fan but after trying Scentsy, I have well and truly been converted. There’s no real way for me to explain to you how amazing this brand is until you try the brand out for yourself. There are so many different scents and products to choose from that you’ll struggle to pick them which is why I would recommend finding a Scentsy rep to help you on your way.

I spoke to people I know who are also huge Scentsy fans. I asked them, what’s Scentsy to you?

Lisa said “They’re a range of different scents to fill the room with fresh/fruity/gentle fragrance giving you the confidence to know your room/house smells nice at all times, it’s aimed at all ages with the teddies and a baby toy range that are also scented. Just Breathe has helped my 4 month old son sleep during periods of being bunged up. My favourites are Clothesline- reminds me of clean washing.. newborn nursery reminds me of baby powder they have to be my two favourites.” 

Sam said “It’s something I just absolutely love! I love going through the smells and I love to choose which one depending on my mood and the compliments I get. My favourites at the minute are coconut lemon grass, my wish, Luna, blackberry meringue, just breathe, pink haze, summer holiday and summer sunshine.” 

To find any products mentioned in this post, click the link below. You will find all the burners, waxes and the afore mentioned kids range.


I hope you enjoyed my review of Scentsy! If you’ve tried it out, or want to try any out, let me know in the comments!

Bye for now!~^^~


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