Review of… Etude Houses Precious Mineral Essence Beautifying Block Balm

I wanted to try using a Korean BB cream as the foundations in the West are usually quite heavy. I’d seen and heard of many horror stories regarding the buying and testing of Korean/Asian BB creams, the colours are too light, the coverage isn’t that great, the packaging is chunky, all of these things were going around my head. I decided that the only way to find out was to bite the bullet and buy one for myself so that I could really test it out for myself. Let’s jump into my review of Etude Houses Precious Mineral Essence Beautifying Block Balm. 


The product.

Unlike most of the foundations from Etude House, this isn’t a cushion but a solid block that you swipe the puff on and then apply to the face. The beauty balm actually has essence worked into it, meaning that whilst you’re wearing this product your skin is also being moisturised.

The packaging.

I really love all of Etude Houses packaging. I think they really capture the look that they’re going for with their packaging which is light and ‘girly’ with light pinks, creams and beiges being a popular choice for colours. The product is also not too thick, meaning this is perfect to just pop into your handbag. Some cushion foundations can be really quite chunky.



Before we discuss performance, the day I chose to review this foundation was not the greatest day. I have been having problematic skin for a couple of days regarding pimples and dryness, meaning this product didn’t live upto it’s high standards, I’ll include a photo of how the foundation looks on a good day at the bottom. 

I applied my moisturiser and then my ride or die Face Blur primer from Etude House first before going in with the Beauty Balm. Usually, I can get away with not using a concealer as my skin is usually ok but I had to pair it with a concealer today because no matter how much of the beauty balm I tried to use to cover the spots, it just wasn’t strong enough.

As you can see, the beauty balm managed to do a good job of evening out my skintone (I have redness on my cheeks) and smoothing out my pores. The beauty balm itself feels very very light on the skin, it feels more like a tinted moisturiser than a foundation. I would say that it is a light to medium coverage but is definitely buildable if you want to go for more of a night time ‘I’m wearing more makeup’ kind of look. I’ve been playing around with this product for a couple of weeks now to see what works best and what doesn’t as all of the other products I use are powders, (contour, blush, highlight etc) and realised that this is a dewy foundation, which means that if you set it with powder, you lose the dewyness. The first time I used it, I tried to use a powder bronzor over the top of the foundation and because the foundation was not set, the bronzor stuck to it and wouldn’t blend. So now, where I contour/blush/highlight, I set with a teeny bit of powder meaning that when it’s time for the other powders to go over the top, they blend together nicely but I leave the rest of my face so that you can really see the dewyness. Please ignore my sullen expression and terrible makeup job, my skin was just not happy about wearing makeup today, lol.

This was 5 hours later.

It clung to my dryness, it melted into my pores and fine lines, and it also creased like crazy even after using a primer/setting spray to help keep it on my face. It had pretty much worn off the side of my face and had got quite cakey around my nostrils. However I really feel like I picked the wrong day to show you this foundation because it usually looks beautiful, dewy and healthy.


Even though I haven’t wrote the most positive review of this product, my skin didn’t do it justice because I usually really enjoy wearing it. I love how it makes my skin feel and how it looks. img_5901.jpg

This is usually how it looks.

Overall, I love the foundation (normally) and I didn’t have too much trouble picking out the colour which I thought matched me because on Yesstyle they have models wearing it and you can find the one that’s closest to your skin tone. I’ll probably redo this post once my skin has cleared up to show you that it’s usually quite a nice product and I think I’ll definitely be buying more to review.

That’s all for today! Bye for now!~^^~



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